Zero-effort way of assessing candidates beyond the resume

AI that reduces candidate shortlisting effort by 70% flat

Data-Driven Talent Assessment

For Talent Acquisition Teams and Staffing Agencies

  • Decrease pre-screening assessment costs by 50%
  • Bring down 'time to fill' and improve productivity by 70%
  • Analyze personality assessments in minutes

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"DeeperSense is spearheading a new trend in hiring"

- The Wall Street Journal

In its latest episode of Moving Upstream, the WSJ profiled DeeperSense, stating it as one of the "breakthrough technologies that are reshaping our world and beginning to impact human happiness, health and productivity". WSJ says that DeeperSense is spearheading a new trend in the hiring industry - a move away from judging people (just) based on their resumes and skills, towards (holistic) decisions (that are also) based on people's personalities.

Resumes are Out. AI is In.

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Redefine Future of Hiring

Quantify Talent Assessment 10x Faster, Effortlessly

63% of recruiters say that soft skill assessment is the hardest part of interviewing. We hear you.

DeeperSense assesses personality of an individual (both OCEAN and DISC profiles) and analyzes her behavior for attributes like teamwork, goal orientedness, attitude, without requiring a cumbersome test, questionnaire or survey. Ever!

Predict and Hire with Intelligent People Analytics

76% of the companies with 100+ employees use a personality assessment test. Research has proven that if there is something that predicts eventual job performance, it is personality.

DeeperSense performs an assessment at 1/50th the cost of a traditional assessment using just an email id. Which means that you can now move soft skill assessment right to the top of your assessment funnel!

Make AI Your Hiring Assistant

DeeperSense dashboard gives you the power of AI that is super-easy and takes only 3 minutes to learn the interface. You add a position, define ideal traits, upload applicant list and you are done.

The Chrome extension lets you get an assessment of any candidate on-the-go, and anywhere on the web in seconds.

And the APIs ensure that you can integrate DeeperSense with any ATS or HRMS in a jiffy!

Our Advisors


Dean Da Costa

Strategic Sourcing & Research Technologist

"DeeperSense is a state of the art tool for talent acquisition professionals."


William Tincup


"With DeeperSense, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leaders will be able to make data-driven decisions. That's never really happened before in HR/TA, DeeperSense is going to become TA's best friend!"


Jeremy Langhans

Co-Founder, Paired Sourcing

"The primary reason I recommend DeeperSense is simple: efficiency, reach, & velocity."

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